Frequently asked questions.

An eyelash lift is a treatment that lifts natural lashes from the root to improve length, add volume and create a mascara effect that lasts up to 6-8 weeks with very little maintenance..

We use 2 key products that temporarily change the structure of the eyelash so that the natural hair can be manipulated into the desired position.

The eyelash perm was designed to curl natural lashes for a shorter lash effect and treats the lash from mid to ends, while the lash lift smoothes and lifts the lash to create a maximum length effect by working the product directly at the root, giving amazing definition to the eye area.

Both are amazing treatments, it all depends on what the desired result is and the level of maintenance you prefer.

This treatment has been designed to offer an eyelash lift and brow straightening in the same appointment, one product for two treatments that will save time and money for both the technician and the client..

The eyelash lift takes 45 minutes.

Yes, however, there are specific times that must be followed for both parts of the treatment to always maintain the health of the eyelashes and eyebrows.

All the basic essentials for eyelash lifting treatment: some of the necessary consumables are not provided, but are widely available through beauty wholesalers..

No, they are designed for single use only. This prevents oxidation and therefore loss of efficacy.

The eyelash lift is designed to last 6 to 8 weeks and can be repeated after 4 weeks, not before to maintain the health of the natural lashes..

We do not recommend treatment for pregnant women.

No, the eyelash lift will last as long as the client's natural eyelash growth cycle..

No, as long as the treatment is carried out correctly and safely. The products are absolutely safe and not harmful to natural eyelashes..

Yes, of course, this is an amazing treatment for short lashes to add length, definition and volume.

Yes, especially if the client is allergic to dye

No, the process should be a comfortable and relaxing experience for your client.

Yes, but only 24 hours after treatment.

We sell a range of amazing eyelash products which you can buy here.

Yes, we have a line of products for the home.

An allergy test is not always required, however, we suggest that you always perform an allergy test for the dye..

The adhesive lasts 3 months after opening

No, our extensions are a blend of polyester and silk.

No, as our conditioner contains oils, which weaken the bond between the extension and the lashes.

The most important thing to take care of eyelash extensions is to maintain good hygiene, so we recommend cleaning the eyelashes with our foam, and then combing them. Avoid any type of oily product.

We recommend using our Brow Keratin Gel, which helps to define and fix the design of your eyebrows.