i Fast Bonding Gel 8ml


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It is a type of adhesive gel used during the eyelash lifting or lamination process. It is an essential component to ensure that the natural lashes adhere properly to the mold and stay in place during the procedure.

Bonding gel is usually a medium to high viscosity gel formulated specifically for eyelash lifting. It is applied to the base of the natural lashes, just where they adhere to the mold, to help fix them in the desired position.

This adhesive gel has a similar function to glue, but is specially designed to be safe and gentle on the eyelashes. It provides a temporary and secure bond, allowing the lashes to lift and maintain their curved shape during the procedure.

It is important that the bonding gel used is of high quality and specifically designed for eyelash lifting. It is recommended that it be a product specially formulated for this purpose and that it is safe for use in the eye area.

The application process of the bonding gel during the eyelash lift is performed by a trained eyelash stylist. It is carefully applied to the base of the lashes with a suitable brush or applicator, ensuring even distribution and avoiding contact with the skin and unwanted lashes.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and observe safety precautions when using any adhesive product in the eye area.


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