Pro Shield Mix (S, M, L, XL - 4 pairs)

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Eyelash lifting molds are accessories used during the eyelash lifting or lamination process to give shape and curvature to the natural eyelashes. These molds are specifically designed to fit the contour of the eye and provide different curvature options, allowing the result of the eyelash lift to be customized to the client's preferences.

The molds are made of flexible and soft materials, such as silicone, to ensure comfort during treatment. They come in different sizes and shapes to fit different lengths and types of eyelashes.

It is important that the molds are selected and used correctly to ensure a satisfactory result. A trained eyelash stylist will choose the right mold according to the length and curvature of the natural lashes, ensuring an optimal lifting effect.

It is recommended that eyelash lifting and the use of molds be performed by an experienced professional, as proper knowledge of the products and techniques is required to achieve safe and effective results.

The Pro-Shield are a new generation of molds that come in 4 sizes, S,M,L,XL and with the following differences with respect to the traditional ones:
1. They are more ergonomic
2. Comes designed for each eye
3. The thickness of the mold is equal all over, so we get a uniform and more natural eyelash finish.
4. The final finish would be that of a C-curved eyelash.